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Search engine optimization

All those who think the Yellow Pages is a fading star and …

Web Design

Are you thinking that your current web site is looking a little dated …

Pay per click

It would be a mistake to think that Internet marketing …

Analytics & conversion

We will research the competition, analyze …

Mobile Website

In case you haven’t noticed, mobile …

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Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

All those who think the Yellow Pages is a fading star and all those who haven’t realized it yet, listen up. The phone book is shrinking. Your competitors are either sleeping or working hard to gain prominence in the Google rankings. You want to focus on SEO You want to be # 1 page 1. Or at least in the top 3 results. Or even in the top 10 results, all of which are typically on page 1. Anything beyond that almost doesn’t matter because the click rate is so dismal.

So how to achieve that? First, don’t answer any of the 100 spam emails you get every week telling you they can put you at the top for X amount of dollars. Most of them will take your money and bury your site so deep in the search engines you will never surface again. We use only “white hat” methods. Your domain is your brand and should mean everything to you. Trusting your domain to a consultant is a huge thing. We treat it very seriously and stick with the rules set out in Google Webmaster Tools.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) (also called Pay Per Click) is quickly becoming the fastest and most cost effective method to get your business message out there and get traffic. Google Adwords, the king of PPC, is amazingly accurate, targeted, adaptable and effective. Savvy business that have great SEO happening still engage in PPC, maybe even more so. Why? Contact us for 10 good reasons.

Analytics & Conversion

Whoever thought that statistics could be sexy? But if you think analytics, metrics and stats about your business online marketing is about as interesting as watching the paint dry then you better wake up. “In God we trust, all others bring data.” – William Edwards Deming

Web Video and Images

Ask yourself. If you visit a website that you are interested in and there is a choice of reading a bunch of text or watching a video, which one do you choose? This is passive media on an interactive platform and it works. It also works great on mobile devices that are often too small to read text on comfortably. Don’t miss this opportunity to market your business.

Reputation Management

It’s getting to the point where small business owners need a PR person to make sure their public reputation is untarnished. Many business owners have no idea that they are being dissed, cursed, slammed and slandered by disgruntled customers, employees and yes, even competitors in disguise. We can find out the good, the bad and the ugly and report to you.

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