Social Network Marketing

I help businesses build out their social networking stature. I integrate that effort into their total marketing strategy. Social Networking is the most used type of application on the web today. Social networking, combined with mobile smartphones has redefined how we communicate and get news and information.


It is a big mistake to brush off social networking as a waste of time or a bunch of trivial baloney geared for teenagers and people with too much time to waste. The line between using social for personal vs for business is getting more and more blurry. After all, social is all about people. Why would you not want to get attention or audience where the majority of people are?


Look at various social platforms as different TV stations and try to create content for the stations of your choice and build fans and audience. Look at your phone as not just a content consumption device but also a television / publishing production studio in your pocket. Think of social like a real life cocktail party or mixer. Don't be pushy or obnoxious. But let your opinions be heard and connect with like minded individuals.


Great results are commensurate with effort !


You can trust New Phase to do things the right way and direct your time and money into the smart payback digital spaces. I know how to build web stature and can teach you. But not only that, I am results and conversion driven. I support progress claims with documented metrics and analytics. Advertising / marketing is primarily about generating leads and sales. The end game of all your online marketing effort is to bring in more customers and keep existing ones informed. Build your brand equity with regularly published, honest and helpful content that is fresh and relevant. Listen to the comments and see who is engaging to give you clues on the best business development strategies for your company.