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Do you need a great looking and functional website? Of course you do! So do it right. Get it done by a professional! I strive to create websites that look great and CONVERT VISITORS into CUSTOMERS and keep existing ones happy! Is your website really doing what it is intended to do, namely, be a member of your salesforce team, build credibility and authority, nurture existing customers? New Phase can design and build a brand new site that has all the elements that today’s effective website should have. I will meet with you to help you create a plan for a site that perfectly matches your needs and your targeted goals. I will show you options for page structure, colour schemes, words and images. All of these elements will be balanced and blended to best represent your business or enterprise.


I put a high emphasis on CTA (call to action) elements and the site’s effectiveness at converting site visitors to prospects, clients and customers. I also make sure that it’s possible to track the analytics and metrics of the site’s performance. As part of New Phase’s web design services, I offer my expertise to deliver a comprehensive web site design package that includes personalized branding, new logo design, unique domain name selection, website traffic generation and social media integration.


My Strategy


I approach each project with customized design elements and eye-catching layouts. Behind it all, your website design will be constructed with the best tools on the market. I will give you quick, nimble performance, clean organization, and an intuitive user interface. I can design your website with optimization for all platforms, especially smartphone and tablet access. The ground is shifting. Web design is going through a New Phase.


This website that you are looking at right now is a mobile friendly design website. Look at it on a cell phone and compare it to how it looks on a desktop or laptop. It’s the same site, just formatted differently for the different screen sizes. Another thing you can try is changing the width of your browser window to as skinny as you can make it, then make it wide again. Watch how the site fluidly changes as you change the browser width, OR, you can view a website with Responsinator Click here which will show what a website looks like on all kinds of different screen sizes. Web design = “mobile friendly” and it’s a MUST in today’s world.


You need a good, modern website, but in this uncertain market economy, many business owners hesitate at the thought of investing hard earned dollars into a project that may fall flat. Thousands of web developers claim to offer the best web development services on the planet. I know. I get their spammy emails every day in my email inbox just like you do. How do you know who to trust? At New Phase , I understand your concerns, and I am here to put them to rest. The buck stops with me and I'm always available to talk to you about any concerns you might have.


Before I start any client work, I go through the entire planning process with you. I show you my extensive portfolio of successful web development projects. I show you every option available to you and I make expert recommendations based upon the specific needs of your business. In short, you will be confident in obtaining a great outcome before spending a single dollar! I will develop your web site with a state-of-the-art content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress, customized with the features and functions you need most. WordPress is an incredibly flexible and powerful web development platform that can be integrated with eCommerce store fronts, sign-up and opt-in forms, multimedia add-ons like embedded video and image galleries, and mobile friendly options like iPhone and iPad compatibility.


Every web site that I build is designed with the visitor in mind. The fresh, original designs I create will attract and engage customers and allow them to find exactly what they are looking for, quickly and easily. Before your prospects even go looking for your site, I have a plan to lead them straight to you. The New Phase web marketing service includes search engine analysis, SEO rank building tools and strategies, and metrics assessments that will show you how to pave the way for customers to surf the internet straight to your web site! I am an expert at organic and paid methods of getting attention and bringing traffic to your website. Experience a New Phase in Web Development … Entrust your website design and development to New Phase!

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Want some great advice? Realize that we live in a mobile centric world. Phones are the new TVs! Website design trends are constantly changing, driven by technology advancements and user sophistication. The biggest and most profound influence on web design is the explosion of smart phones and web enabled mobile devices that are quickly making desktops and even laptops seems like relics of a bygone era. Responsive ("mobile friendly") design is the latest trend that addresses the fact that people visit websites on all kinds of devices with different screen sizes, browsers and operating systems. There are so many variations now and you have to cover all the bases. Responsive (adaptive) design is a fluid and dynamic design concept that almost magically knows how to change the layout, graphics and fonts etc to optimize for the device. Even such things as menus and touch to call features appear or not depending on the device being used. Best of all, it’s just one set of development, one hosting location and it's super easy to update with new content.

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