Analytics & Monetization

It’s astounding how many businesses think that online marketing is important but have no concept of their own website traffic, keywords or conversion rates. Google Analytics is a free utility that is quite easy to install and provides valuable insight and yet most business owners have no idea what it is or how to use it. Often, even their web developers don’t implement it for them which is almost inexcusable.


As a New Phase client, you will always be informed on what’s going on with your web metrics and analytics in plain, easy to understand format. You will also receive information about how to take full advantage of all the free resources that are available to make your business and website work to its fullest capacity.


Performance Marketing


I am on the leading edge of Performance Marketing which means the ability to track your total digital ad spend and attribute it directly to revenue earned from that investment. You can't just do that with one product. You need to know how to make a number of different products work together to give you that feedback. If you are interested in knowing more about this next level of marketing, give me a shout.